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Ky’mier Bowie

Ky’mier Bowie Fruitful Ground Christian Education Development Center Montgomery, AL “As a parent, your first concern is your child and his or her well-being,” Kristie Davis says of why she was seeking a different academic environment for her child, Ky’mier Bowie.   “I noticed an immediate change in my son when he started attending his assigned school in Montgomery County, Alabama.” Kristie, a single parent knows all too well the challenges … Read More >

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It’s a thought that almost certainly crosses every parent’s mind, “am I doing everything in my power to help my child reach their full potential?” Often times parents think, am I paying my child enough attention? Am I making enough money to provide them with what they need to succeed? Am I doing something that will hurt them later on in life? And on, and on with the questions. Chances are that if … Read More >

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