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Ky’mier Bowie

Ky’mier Bowie Fruitful Ground Christian Education Development Center Montgomery, AL “As a parent, your first concern is your child and his or her well-being,” Kristie Davis says of why she was seeking a different academic environment for her child, Ky’mier Bowie.   “I noticed an immediate change in my son when he started attending his assigned school in Montgomery County, Alabama.” Kristie, a single parent knows all too well the challenges … Read More >

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Summer is supposed to be a time full of fun with family and friends! But the school year tends to creep up quickly and sometimes, it’s easy to forget some of the skills we gained the previous year. To avoid losing any knowledge, it’s important to keep your brain working, and reading is a great way to give your brain some exercise! With a good book in hand, the rest of summer can be fun and … Read More >

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